Thomas Kilian Bruderer is a Swiss designer who has made Berlin, Germany his home since 2011. After graduating with M.A. in Textile and Surface Design from Weißensee School of Art and Design in 2016, he completed his education one year later as Meisterschüler in Style by Prof. Tristan Prankyo. Being  passionate, reliable and creative, Bruderer has acquired considerable experience in cross-cultural projects in Mexico and Bangladesh. He is well-versed also in developing marketable products and custom-made interior concepts.

This online portfolio displays some of his selected works and other external ones. Bruderers projects are characterised by experimental studies in which materials are explored and repurposed or presented in a new context. Surfaces designed for an architectural context, as well as sustainable nature and science-based concepts are dominant in his work. Socio-cultural projects and ancient textile crafts are the designers favorite topics. See also